@Viabeans Yo, thursday, CoQ gamer time work for you? I'm busy today and tomorrow sadly 😔

I watched lotr 1 for the first time in a few years a little bit ago, I've been meaning to write my thoughts abt it

@Viabeans You got the homestuck knowledge and I got the CoQ powers, we could win it

Oheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh imba littlte sevious creacher

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@Viabeans the most I know of it is from the part of Archer where he becomes bob burger

@Viabeans Oh fuck yeah, how is it? I've never actually watched it

@viabeans me :handshake: you
Being powerful imposing forces

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the first clue in today's crossword is "Big shot?" and the space is seven letters

@Viabeans I always wanna fight them, I wish you luck in that, I know I'd be going monkey mode

@Viabeans Going fantastic! Just planning for dnd, very excited, I'm making cheese and crackers and some kielbasa
An adult lunchable if you will

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