warrior cats 

i'm gonna read the last three chapters of into the wild to my friends today

nearly made my voice give out from reading warriors to my friends but it was worth it

gushy romantic stuff 

I love my girlfriend more than anything in the whole world. I’m literally so lucky to have her and I can’t wrap my head around it. I constantly think about the life we’ll have and what I can do to make that go as smoothly as possible and I just want her to be happy and safe and loved

It’s so good to love and to be loved. The world is so warm sometimes

americans: we can’t give free food to people who need it!!! that’s socialism!!! people had better be starving or i know you’re wasting my tax dollars!!!
americans when an underpaid fast food worker gives them the strong size fries:
is for free? owo

the mortifying ordeal of ur parents asking u what u want for christmas

I feel like it’s kinda ironic that the overall liberal reaction to capitalist and nationalist propaganda has been ignoring critical thinking skills and parroting each other’s opinions and the opinions of “woke” celebrities while completely mobbing people who call them out on it because they’re not performing online activism in the “correct” way. But for whatever reason, enigmatically, they cannot fathom why their parents eat up right wing propaganda.

how to start herculean creative tasks for music school????? i cannot focus but i must compose


i'm literally shaking with anticipation over georgia results, not bc i support biden or w/e, but because the outcry from my republican family members over the state flipping blue would be HILARIOUS

real talk tho i am just absolutely giddy at the thought of today. of course i hope she always feels special and loved, but today is really a day to dial it up to the max, and from all her loved ones. she is such a positive force in so many people’s lives and now is a great time to remind her about it

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Love is fucking power-leveling your homework on ur 3:30am shift so that you can free up as much time as humanly possible to spend with ur gf on her birthday

hmmm what to do with a pile of overdue homework.....

oops i havent been online in like a month but here i am


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